09/01/2014 Ferrier launches TF Sport, runs GTC Champions maiden GT3 challenge

Following three successful years in British GT competition, including two GT3 race wins and a GTC title, former-British GT driver, Tom Ferrier has split from Scuderia Vittoria and has established his own team for 2014 – TF Sport, which will begin its first year of racing by running a full-season GT3 Aston Martin Vantage for Paul Bailey and Andy Schulz under the Horsepower Racing banner.


Scuderia Vittoria was founded by three partners (Ferrier, Piers Masarati and Danny Buxton), and also ran a significant Renault Clio programme in addition to the GTs. All three of the former partners have moved on; Masarati heading up new business development at Gulf Racing, and Buxton going solo with a Clio-centric team.


“After three good years with SV I am looking forward to 2014," said Ferrier. The new team are all really excited about getting stuck into GT racing with Aston. We are very lucky to have already secured a great programme with Paul and Andy, but this is only the beginning of TF Sport.”


TF Sport retains the majority of the Scuderia Vittoria infrastructure; continuity and experience being a big factor in successful British GT campaigns in past seasons.


“I ran the Scuderia Vittoria workshop last year, running both the Clio and GT. I have kept the same personnel on as last year, bar one mechanic who has left for Motorbase. Danny’s new SVR team is a completely new project for Clios, with new staff and workshop based up north. As I wanted to split I left him with the brand, but I have the core team and equipment as it was me who put it together. So we are an experienced and, in my eyes, a very strong team. Many are still there from 2011 when we finished third in British GT.”


Ferrier is now focused on filling a second Aston Martin V12 Vantage for the team to run in British GT too, with the Ferrari 458 GTC raced last season to become a training vehicle for Bailey amongst a variety of other uses outside of British GT.


“We also have a second Aston available, along with a spare engine and box and a great spares package, and are currently in the process of finding drivers for this. British GT is the favourite option for the second car, but we’re open to anything. I know my budget is very competitive and I want to run a race-winning pairing and will do whatever I can to achieve that. I am confident of filling it.”


If you are interested in speaking with TF Sport regarding the second Aston Martin drive, Tom Ferrier can be contacted on +44 7770 875745 or