AWS: Revolutionising motorsports through cloud computing

AWS: Revolutionising motorsports through cloud computing

SRO Motorsports Group has cultivated a longstanding, successful collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud. Spanning from 2019 to present day, and beyond, AWS’s presence across the global Fanatec GT World Challenge platform has only continued to grow, becoming the presenting entitlement sponsor in 2020. 

SRO Motorsports Group and AWS are growing together ahead of another thrilling season, expanding their collaboration across the Fanatec GT World Challenge America, Europe, Asia, and Australia championships. AWS continues to stand as a beacon of innovation, sustainability, and global expansion in the realm of global motorsports. 

AWS, serving as the designated global technology provider for SRO, extends its cutting-edge array of cloud services, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning throughout all SRO series worldwide. This significant collaboration offers an exceptional experience for teams, drivers, and fans, raising the bar for engagement and innovation in motorsports. AWS has the potential to revolutionize various aspects of SRO’s operations through advanced cloud computing capabilities, with the aim of enhancing the efficiency, safety, and entertainment quotient of SRO racing events. 

AWS's robust data analytics tools also enable SRO Motorsports Group to gather and analyze large amounts of data during races. This data encompasses crucial metrics such as car telemetry, driver performance, track conditions, and fan engagement. By harnessing AWS's machine learning algorithms, SRO can collect actionable insights from this data and as a result assist in facilitating real-time decision-making for teams, optimizing race strategies, and enhancing the overall competitiveness of the sport.

Additionally, sensors located across circuits capture timely data on track conditions, weather patterns, and environmental factors, all of which is seamlessly integrated within AWS's cloud computing infrastructure. This enables officials to optimize track management, make adjustments on the fly, and adapt event logistics. By leveraging AWS's capabilities, SRO Motorsports Group can ensure smoother race operations and minimize disruptions, thereby enhancing the overall experience for teams, drivers, and spectators alike.

AWS's contribution extends beyond the confines of the track, breaking down barriers in the digital, virtual, and real-life realms of motorsport to enrich the experience of fans around the world. Through AWS-powered video streaming and content delivery solutions, SRO Motorsports Group delivers high-definition, low-latency broadcasts of its events to global audiences. Moreover, AWS's personalized recommendation engines and interactive fan engagement platforms enhance viewer immersion, fostering a deeper connection between fans and the sport.

The collaboration between SRO and AWS has already seen significant achievements, including the RaceVision Powered by AWS concept, offering real-time insights and on-screen graphics that bring fans closer to the action with data like top speeds and cornering prowess. This collaboration has also been instrumental in advancing SRO's e-sports initiatives, leveraging AWS's virtual machines and media services to host race servers and livestream events with professional broadcast quality. 

Looking ahead, the collaboration is committed to exploring new, innovative methods that utilize AWS's extensive set of global cloud-based products to further enhance GT racing around the world. AWS will also continue to play a pivotal role in SRO's Balance of Performance (BOP) criteria, a cornerstone of modern GT competition, by assuming data hosting responsibilities.