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Motorsport UK


The United Kingdom's national governing body, Motorsport UK, has granted SRO Motorsports Group the exclusive rights to organise and promote the Intelligent Money British GT Championship until 2025 at the earliest.

Since 2004 measures including the introduction of GT3 and GT4 classes, careful driver management, and regulations designed to meet the specific requirements of a unique domestic motorsport environment have helped British GT to flourish under SRO's stewardship. Indeed, it can now be considered the world’s most high-profile multi-class national GT championship and one of just a handful to combine GT3, GT4 and GTC cars.

SRO's renewed partnership with Motorsport UK will also feature further promotion of the diverse opportunities for grassroots participation. This includes more visibility for Motorsport UK’s sport promotion activities – from prominent trackside branding to consumer engagement programmes as and when government guidelines allow.

British GT is regularly featured on Motorsport UK TV, a dedicated internet video portal providing a single destination for the UK motorsport community and fans to access a huge variety of video content to enhance their enjoyment of the sport.