In 2015 the growing popularity of eSports amongst motorsport fans prompted British GT organisers, SRO Motorsport Group, to join forces with The Online Racing Association (TORA) and create an officially sanctioned real-world sim racing series.

Now in its fifth season, the TORA British GT eSports Championship allows anyone from anywhere in the world with Forza Motorsport 7, an XBox One or PC and internet connection to compete in a wide variety of GT3 and GT4 cars.

The championship was previously staged on the Project CARS platform, but Forza’s greater selection of GT3 and GT4 machinery, plus a livery editor allowing for the recreation of detailed real-world British GT designs, has proven popular amongst rookie and seasoned gamers alike.

TORA and British GT were also keen to see a greater level of authenticity implemented in its series. As such, spaces are reserved on all liveries for real-world championship partner decals, windscreen banners and number panels, thus ensuring the virtual grid represents British GT even more accurately.

For more information or to sign-up, either as a one-off or full-season entry, please visit TORA's forum or follow @TheReal_TORA on Twitter.