SRO joins forces with GreenTheUK to plant new trees in Norfolk

SRO joins forces with GreenTheUK to plant new trees in Norfolk

> Douglas Fir and English Oak chosen to enhance woodland resilience and improve biodiversity 
> Project represents latest step in wide-ranging sustainability strategy

SRO Motorsports Group has joined forces with GreenTheUK to plant 500 new trees in Norfolk, further strengthening the effort to minimise its environmental footprint.

The project will focus on adding Douglas Fir and native English Oak to an existing woodland, marking what is hoped to be the first step towards a long-term partnership. Working with the Royal Forestry Society, the trees planted by GreenTheUK have been specially selected for their ability to survive the predicted weather conditions that will be brought about by climate change. 

Douglas Fir is an evergreen conifer that takes approximately 50 years to reach maturity, while the familiar English Oak will mature in roughly 100 years. The new trees will increase woodland resilience to pests and diseases, while the sites will be transformed into habitats where local wildlife can flourish. As well as improving biodiversity and capturing carbon, in the longer term both can be utilised as building materials for future generations, with new trees planted in their place.

Following a recent reforestation project in the Belgian Ardennes, the latest development continues SRO's efforts to support areas local to its racing activities. A largely rural county located approximately 150 kilometres north-east of London, Norfolk is home to Snetterton Circuit, a mainstay of the Intelligent Money British GT calendar since SRO took over organisation of the championship in 2004. 

It adds further momentum to SRO’s 2030 sustainability strategy, which places the environment at the heart of the company’s operations. Taking a leading role in the drive for environmentally friendly motor racing, SRO will seek to create a better future for the sport while making its own contribution towards global climate protection.


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